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Hey there, Mama! Do you want to raise spiritually strong children? If you’re thinking, Well, yes, of course I do, Roz, then you’ll want to grab a notebook and a pen and take some notes, because I’m about to share 8 important things successful parents do to raise children who are spiritually strong. 

As faith-based moms, I’m sure that we can agree that one of the greatest measures of our success as a parent is to raise spiritually strong children.

How do we do that? We start with searching the Scriptures. But we can also look at the example of parents who have been successful in raising spiritually-strong children

In this episode, I’m going to…

In today’s episode, I’ll be answering the question of what successful parents do to raise spiritually strong children. We’ll cover what the data reveals—every single detail. 

You’ll hear…
  • [0:02:14] The background behind the research on successful parents—the researcher, his intent, and the method he used. 
  • [0:03:31] Finding #1 – Successful parents studied the Scriptures. 
  • [0:04:20] Finding #2 – Successful parents are sacrificers.  
  • [0:04:45] Finding #3 – Successful parents talk about God.
  • [0:05:16] Finding #4 – Successful parents believe that parenting is their #1 job in life.
  • [0:05:50] Finding #5 – Successful parents’ homes had one full-time parent.
  • [0:06:14] Finding #6 – Successful parents spent hours in dialogue with their children.
  • [0:07:06] Finding #7 – Successful parents invested enormous quantities of time with their children
  • [0:08:10] FInding #8 – Successful parents disciple their children.
  • [0:09:51] What these findings mean for moms.
  • [0:11:32] God’s promise to moms

God’s callings are His enablings. This means that what He calls us to do, He will give us the strength, courage, and ability to accomplish. You just have to put your faith in Him and take the next step forward. 

I’ve taken this step over 13 years ago and I’m here now to help guide you on this journey. If you’re willing to answer the call, then I invite you to make that commitment today.

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