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Should Christian moms stay home with their kids?

This is a question I asked myself over 13 years ago, and it’s one I’ve gotten from many other moms.

While I feel this is a question that only you and God can answer together, I do have some information you should consider when making the decision. 

God has called moms to be missionaries—to partner with Him in spreading the good news. But He’s not calling all of us to go across the world, or across the country, and not even across the state. For the majority of moms, our mission field is right in our home.

In this episode, I’m going to… 

In today’s episode, I’m going to share God’s unique call to moms, what it looks like when put into action, how we should respond, and the practical steps we need to take in fulfilling the call.

You’ll hear about…

  • [0:02:34] God’s unique call to moms and how this answers the question, should Christian moms stay at home
  • [0:04:32] How we are to implement the call in our homes
  • [0:06:00] The most important assignment we’ve been given 
  • [0:06:34] FREE offer details for help in making disciples of your children
  • [0:07:21] 3 practical steps we should take in order to fulfill our assignment 
  • [0:16:49] The crucial question moms are left to answer (with God’s help)

It’s my hope that by the end of this episode, you will clearly understand God’s call to moms and will make a decision to answer that call. It is my prayer that you carefully consider whether you can fulfill the call while working outside the home or if you need to make a plan to come home.

I’m here to help you with whichever decision you make.

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