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Spirit-Led Goals - How To Pray for Your 2022 Goals

Episode 5

2022 Goal Setting: How To Create a Time Block Scheduling System

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We’re on Part 4 of our SPIRIT-LED goals discussion. If you’ve missed Parts 1-3, you need to go back and listen to those and then come back to this one.

So far We’ve talked about the “S” in the acrostic SPIRIT-LED which is Seek God’s Will in His Word. We covered the “P” which is to Pray for Direction. We talked about the I which is Inventory Your Life. Then we talked about the “R” which is Record what God Reveals. And we finished last episode with the second “I” which is Identify Obstacles and Solutions.

You had assignments for each of those segments and if you’ve completed them all, you now have a list of categories you want to create goals for and scriptures for each category. You have prayed over these categories and scriptures and have asked for God’s direction.

You also have journaled what God has revealed and have taken the assessment to discover your top gifts and strengths. And if you completed all of the assignments, you have written out goals for each category. You also have your list of obstacles and solutions for each goal.

Armed with all of this information, we are now ready to Time Block—the “T” in SPIRIT-LED goals. Time Blocking simply means we’re going to add our goals to our calendar.

Once you’ve added your goals to your planner, it’s time for the “L” in SPIRIT-LED goals which is Live Out Your Goals in Faith.

Grab your pen and your SPIRIT-LED Worksheets and sit down with me as we continue creating our SPIRIT-LED goals. 

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