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Spirit-Led Goals - How To Pray for Your 2022 Goals

Episode 3

2022 Goal Setting: How To Pray for Your Goals

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We’re talking SPIRIT-LED goals today. And in the last episode I shared that SPIRIT-LED is an acrostic which stands for:

S – Seek God’s Will in His Word

P – Pray for Direction

I – Inventory Your Life

R – Record What God Reveals

I – Identify Obstacles and Solutions

T – Time Block

L – Live in Faith

E – Evaluate and Adjust

D – Don’t Give Up!

Prayer is simply opening up your heart to God as you would to a friend. Tell God your hopes, your dreams, your frustraitions.

Share with Him your fears and insecurities.

Ask God, Who do you want me to be? What do you want me to do? What is your vision for my life?

And then you can share with God the areas you want to work on this year. Ask Him to add or subtract from your list. Ask Him to lead you in selecting what to pursue in each of those areas. Tell Him your needs and desires for the year.

Now, recite back to Him those promises you wrote in Step 1.

Remind God what He promised to do in His word and then believe He heard you and will work on your behalf. I say “remind” but He never forgets. It’s more for our benefit to speak God’s word over our life.

Once you’ve prayed the Scriptures, and poured out your heart, believe that God’s heard you and will work on your behalf.

Let’s move on to the “I” in Spirit-led goals which stands for Inventory Your Life.

One important step in creating goals for your life is to identify the gifts, skills, and abilities you already possess that can help you in achieving your goals.

Mamas, we want to set realistic goals, otherwise we’re setting ourselves up for heartbreak.

So what can we do?

We can take inventory—discover your unique strengths, talents, abilities, and gifts. Who did God create you to be?

When we start with this knowledge, then we know what we can realistically achieve.

You need to find out what your God-given gifts and strengths are so you can create goals that best uses them.

I’ve created a gifts assessment for you that’s included in the Spirit-Led Goalsetting Worksheets

Complete the gifts assessment before the next episode because the next step builds on those results. 

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