Why Are You Here? How to Discover Your Life’s (and Business’) Purpose

Why Are You Here? How to Discover Your Life’s (and Business’) Purpose

Have you ever felt insignificant? Like no one really sees you?

Do you ever feel like there’s a part of you, deep down, that’s dying to live again?

If so, take the next 3 minutes to listen to this podcast:


Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Your childhood gives you clues to your purpose and how to live it
  • What’s expected of you now
  • You were customed-designed for a specific purpose
  • How to gain fulfillment in life
  • How to escape your common life and live a life of significance

If you need further help figuring out how to escape your common life and begin living a life of significance, check out my free video training series that will walk you through the process of discovering, living and sharing your purpose.  Get access here.

Social Media Reboot – Click Here to Download

Social Media Reboot – Click Here to Download

For Healthpreneurs, Wellness Coaches, and Values-Based Entrepreneurs…

From the desk of Roz Walker:

Anyone can post images and famous quotes on social media, but not everyone can inspire others to become a better version of themselves.

And as a healthpreneur, wellness coach, or values-based entrepreneur, your business thrives on motivating your current and potential clients to action.

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Social Media Reboot

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Roz K. Walker

Free 4-Part Video Training Series – Click Here

Free 4-Part Video Training Series – Click Here

You Were Created For More
"Get my free video training series"
You were custom designed for a specific assignment. Learn how to use your uniqueness to create the life and business you love.

Top Mompreneur Resources

Top Mompreneur Resources

Mompreneur with childI’m always on the lookout for great resources to help build my business and my life.  As I find good ones (and try them), I like to pass on the ones that get my “thumbs up”.

And, so you know, the ones that I REALLY like, I sometimes sign up to become an affiliate.  But rest assured, I ONLY recommend what I’ve tried, what has worked for me, and what I think could work for other mompreneurs.

So, in the spirit of sharing, here are my top resources for mompreneurs: (read more)

Top Tools for Creating Loyal Fans, Followers and Customers

Top Tools for Creating Loyal Fans, Followers and Customers

Words have power.  Real power.

That’s one of the reasons I strive so hard to choose my words carefully.  And it’s also the reason I tell my kids to do the same.

I can still remember the hurtful words of a classmate in the 6th grade.

But, thankfully, I can also remember the encouraging words of my 1st grade teacher as if it were just said yesterday.

Having experienced both, I’d rather be motivated and inspired by the words spoken to me.

I’m guessing you feel the same way.

And if we feel this way, I’m sure most of our followers, fans and customers – those we serve – do too.

So we should make it our first priority to motivate and inspire everyone we come in contact with. (Tweet this!)

Power of Words

This includes our current and future followers, fans and customers.

Imagine the loyal relationships you would build if your words inspired your readers to become better versions of themselves.

Imagine your fans and followers looking forward to your tweets and posts every day because they know they will be encouraged.

Then imagine getting sales, almost effortlessly, because of the trust you’ve developed with your community of followers.

This can be your reality.

By taking the time to understand the challenges, pains and desires of those you wish to help, you can choose words that will edify them – words that will inspire them to become better versions of themselves.

Your words are your top tools for creating loyal fans, followers and customers.

Let’s make a pact to have the words we say today become the pleasant, life-changing memories of our readers tomorrow.

To help you with this goal, I’ve created 31 days’ worth of inspired social media posts and tweets that you can tweak and post for your readers. Click here to get your free copy.