Category: Afford to Stay Home

Challenges of Becoming a SAHM
November 23, 2020

Goodbye Boss Series #2 – How To Overcome Challenges of Becoming a SAHM

Every new thing we attempt, every new journey we begin, has some obstacles. This series will help you overcome the challenges of becoming a SAHM..
how to become a stay at home mom
November 18, 2020

Kiss Your Boss Goodbye: How To Become a Stay-at-Home Mom

Are you trying to figure out how to become a stay-at-home mom and be able to afford it? About 12 years ago, I was at..
Make Money Online Without Blogging
November 2, 2020

How To Make Money Online Without Blogging

Looking for a way to make money online without blogging? It is possible, and I'm sharing my favorite (and successful) ways to do it.
Make an Extra $500 a Month from Home
October 25, 2020

How To Make an Extra $500 a Month from Home

Need extra cash? Who doesn't?! If you're looking for ideas to make money online, here are 10 simple ways to make an extra $500 a month from home.
simple cashless budgeting method
August 18, 2020

Simple Cashless Budgeting Method That Works!

This simple cashless budgeting method is a visual way to budget your money without using cash. It's easy to set up and it works!
How to get rid of debt on a low income
August 4, 2020

The Best Way to Pay Off Debt When You’re Broke

What to do when your bills exceed your income? You make a plan. And I'm sharing the best way to pay off debt when you're broke.
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