Building Your Brand 101 – Your Unique Marketing Position

Building your brandDo you stand out from your competition?  Do you know what sets you apart from others in your same industry or niche?

You know you’re fabulous, but does your ideal customer or audience know?  When building your personal brand, it’s imperative that you have an awesome and unique statement about what you can offer your potential customers.

I like to call it your “Fab” Statement.

Your “Fab” statement should seek to establish a connection while setting you apart from your competition.  A carefully crafted statement will speak to the qualities and core values you stand for and showcase the benefits that your potential client will receive as a result of working with you.

How Your “Fab” Statement Helps You

  • Helps you more confidently respond to questions about what you do 
  • Develops and builds your credibility
  • Sets the foundation of your personal brand
  • Helps you connect with your clients
  • Sets you apart from your competition

So how can you get started on creating your powerful, unique “Fab” Statement? 

It starts with answering the question, “WHY YOU?” 

Anyone can be a home business owner, but only you can be YOU.

Determine what benefits your products or services deliver to your market and then communicate them effectively with ease.  Here are some questions to answer to help in crafting your statement:

  1. What sets you apart from your competition?
  2. How do you make yourself stand out?
  3. What makes you unique?  Your business?
  4. Why should your niche market choose you over anyone else?
  5. What are all of the unique advantages you and your business offer?  What makes you and your offer special?  Is it your price, customer service, quality, etc.?
  6. What are five action verbs that best describe what you do (i.e., analyze, communicate, explore, encourage, inform, organize, etc.)

Action Step:  Journal your answers to these questions on a blank sheet of paper.  Then, using those responses, you can begin crafting your clear and concise “Fab” Statement.  Your “Fab” Statement will be a powerful declaration about what you do and how what you do will help meet your prospective client’s wants or needs.

Here are two different examples of a “Fab” Statement:

#1Using my {keywords/attributes} I {action verbs and target market} to {results you give}.

Example: “Using my drive, intellect, and passion for teaching, I empower new work at home moms to experience unparalleled career success.”

#2I help {target market} {action verb} {results you give}.

Example: “I help new high achieving working women build their credibility and position themselves as leaders in their markets, attracting more clients.”

Now, it’s your turn to create your “Fab” statement.  Want some feedback?  Post it below and I’ll tell you how fabulous it is. :-)


Image: IMR Corp

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    Hi Roz,
    We always prefer to get the unique marketing position. Your post boost us to to do that. Its very interesting and thanks for sharing this useful information with us.


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