Are You a Savvy Mompreneur? Take the Quiz!

Are you a Savvy Mompreneur?  Not sure?  Well, here is my definition of the term:

Savvy Mompreneurs are a growing trend of savvy moms who have found a way to earn money from home while also being a full time parent of their children.  These well-informed women with entrepreneurial spirit, know-how, and drive have discovered how to balance the world of being a mom and a business owner.

I am convinced that there are many of you mompreneurs out there who are indeed Savvy!  Are you one?  Take the quiz and find out.

1.  You have found a creative way to enjoy more time at home while contributing to your family’s financial needs.

2.   You use skills you have gained in the working world, or you have tapped into your strengths and passions to start your own business.

3.  You are not afraid to reinvent yourself.  You feel that the possibilities are endless.

4.   You got your start by inventing a product or service that appeals to other moms.

5.   You found a way to do the same kind of work you did before coming home in order to contribute financially to your household.

6.  You’ve developed a schedule that allows you to spend time with family and also focus during work time.

7.  You’re adamant that your business fits around your family’s schedule.

8.  You work on your business while your little ones are napping, at school, or sleeping for the night.

9.  You’ve become a master at multi-tasking.

10.  You’ve learned to never apologize for, or get frustrated by, interruptions from your kids.  They are, after all, your top priority.

If you answered “Yes!” to 8 or more of these questions, then you indeed are a Savvy Mompreneur.  Congratulations!  Now grab the badge below and display it prominently on your blog.  You can now join in the new community of Savvy Mompreneurs! | The Savvy Mompreneur

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