7 Simple Ways to Increase Your Facebook Fans

Facebook Like IconSavvy Mompreneurs the world over have discovered that social media is the new way to market.  Building relationships built on trust and mutual respect is key for any business seeking to attract customers and maintain them. While this method works well face-to-face, social media enhances it by opening up a new world of prospects for businesses to interact with.

In using social media to grow your fan base, word of mouth matters…especially on Facebook.  Studies have shown that those who engage in social media tend to trust their friends and peers more than brands.  So the goal should be to get your fans talking about you.  If you need ideas on ways to increase your Facebook fans and get them sharing your awesomeness, then here are seven simple tips you can implement:

  1. Get personal – Some of the most successful companies on Facebook reach that status partly because they are willing to reveal the person behind the brand.   Try letting your personality show through your posts by adding entertaining photos and tidbits about your life. You can consider using the 80/20 rule – focus 80% of your posts on business and 20% on personal.
  2. Converse – Ever had someone start a conversation with you and then just walk away before you had a chance to respond?  This happens on Facebook essentially every time you post an update and move on to other tasks before engaging with those who comment on your post.  You can experience real success on Facebook when you mirror real-life situations.  So don’t just post and move on.  Stay on your page long enough to hear the feedback and respond.
  3. Request Action – Facebook is a great platform to move your fans forward by using simple calls to action.  It starts by posting valuable content, such as articles and videos that are relevant to your niche.  Add to this a very simple call to action, such as “click on this” or “watch this,” letting your fans know what you want them to do next.
  4. Guest posting – Guest blogging is a great way to gain exposure and to increase your Facebook fans.  Share new content that is sure to educate, entertain and empower the readers and entice them to learn more about who you are.  Be sure to put your Facebook page url in your byline to drive more would-be followers to your page.
  5. Article Submissions – Increase your exposure by getting featured in popular magazines.  Start by making a list of 5 – 10 magazines within your niche.  Search whether or not they have a strong presence on Facebook and, if so, submit an article to them for publishing.  Be sure to include your Facebook fan page url in the byline.  The majority of the time, they will post an update on Facebook each time they publish a new article, giving you more exposure.
  6. Encourage Talking Behind Your Back – One great way to get your fans talking about you (and a great way to increase your Facebook fans) is by creating a promotion or contest that rewards fans for spreading the word.  Platforms, such as Wildfire, allow you to track and reward the fans who participate and who invite their friends to join in the contest as well.
  7. Celebrate Your Fans – Make your fans’ experience on your page an enjoyable one.  One that keeps them coming back and bringing others with them.  One way to do this is by spotlighting your fans.  Create a “fan of the week” or recognize the top contributors.  This gives your fans an opportunity to get to know each other better, enhancing their experience.

By applying these seven simple strategies, you can engage your current Facebook fans and grow your following.  Now, let’s hear from you! If you’ve implemented any of these strategies already or plan to do so in the near future, please leave a comment below and tell us about it.

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    Great post Roz. Do you have any suggestions on magazines to which one can submit an article? I’d be interested in going down this route. Also, let me know if you’d like to be a guest writer on my site. You can check out my current guest writers…I think you’d make a great addition.

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      Thanks Tracy! As far as magazines, it’ll be best to identify the ones that are marketed to the same target audience that you seek as well. For instance, if you write primarily for women entrepreneurs, then I would target Entrepreneur magazine, Women Entrepreneur Magazine, Women on Business, Small Business Magazine, etc. To find a list of possible magazines, look up Magazines.com.

      Thanks for the invitation to be a guest writer on your blog. I’ll be in touch with you about it.


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    Great tips! I’ve been much more successful with Twitter than with my Facebook page for my blog. I’m going to look into the Wildfire app you mentioned. I would love to figure out how to get more interactive with my readers.

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      Hi Sarah! Glad you found the tips helpful. Try applying these tips and let them spark other ideas and before you know it, you’ll experience great success on Facebook as well.


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